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Thursday, September 30, 2010

IMSR Hubli E Cell Meeting

IMSR Hubli had an E Cell meeting on 20-09-2010 in IMSR Hubli. The fresher’s of the college and the existing members with the Director Dr Prasad Roodagi gathered for the E-Lite (E Cell) meeting and different committees were formed and the roles and responsibilities have been divided among the students. During the E Cell meeting an activity was done for the members (News papers reading); with this activity the students have read the news paper and identify some article and think of some idea to srtat a new and innovative enterprise they were able to understand the mindset of an Entrepreneur and helped them in thinking critically. They shared their innovative ideas based on the article in the newspaper, they told that we read newspaper daily but this is the first time we read the newspaper so deeply and interestingly and there was lot of things going on in the brain. If we practice this attitude in us in all the activities we are sure that we will be different from all the other students.

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